Hindi Poetry Lovers Pay Attention!!

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So, are you waiting for some amazing Hindi poetries and ghazals??

The wait is over now!!

The author TANVI CHAUDHRY is now back with some amazing collection of Hindi poetries and ghazals. 

The basic motive behind writing this book is to take the readers to the deepest core of life. 

This book is a rythumic journey which contains all the chords of life whether happy, sad, emotional or joyful. The reader can feel the music of life at each note inside the book and relive the relatable moments of his or her life. 

In this book, the author TANVI CHAUDHRY had tried to ink the depth of life. She tried to ink the love, breakdowns and the healing process. 

As humans, we base our lives around social interaction. We learn to live through various means of socialization from the time we are born. Without this socialization and interaction among various platforms, we can become very disillusioned and confused about life. We would tend to isolate ourselves, exiled in this place, we call the world. So, to overcome that confusion and disillusion, the author TANVI CHAUDHRY is up with this deadly combo of Hindi poetries, ghazals and articles which would reveal the reality of life.

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