Health must bring freedom, not restrictions’: Ankita Konwar


Celebrities, nutritionists, health and fitness enthusiasts and medical professionals have long emphasized the dangers of unhealthy foods because they can be dangerous in the long run. Therefore, when you are on the road to fitness or weight loss, it is very important that you not only support your diet and exercise habits and your current fitness level, but also set realistic goals.

As the New Year is where many people are striving for a strong, fast and well-driven weight loss journey, fitness enthusiast Ankita Konwar has taken to Instagram to share her pieces of weight loss, fashionable diet, and the importance of a balanced diet. a picture of him enjoying a plate of ‘gud this jalebi’ or jaggery jalebi with saffron milk in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and said: “This should be a reminder that fashionable food and the magical 10-day revolution do not work. What works is a healthy lifestyle. ” He also referred to New Year’s weight loss decisions and wrote, “Every day is a new day whether it is New Year’s Day or not. Every day we are free to choose our own course. ”

He then went on to share his body relationship with food: “Most people have a loving and hateful relationship with food and their bodies. But fortunately it has never been so for me. I love my body no matter how much I gain or lose weight from time to time. ” Konwar added, “A living breathing person will always have a changing weight. We should never allow that to hinder our choices. Life must be free, not restricted. ”
Explaining his eating habits, he said, “When it comes to eating, I often see people around me amazed at the freedom I enjoy. Food for me is always celebrated. I have always associated food with happy thoughts. Whatever I eat, I eat with great love and a lot of gratitude. I have never enjoyed airy drinks and I do not like the luxurious things that are covered by pesto, alcohol is nostrict no but everything except these three, my favorites 😀 “
“Health should enable us to enjoy the things we love, be it food and any activity we choose. Physical beauty does not necessarily mean good health, but it can be your result. When we choose what is best for us each day, the best thing that can happen is our way of life. A way of life full of nourishment, gratitude and love, ”added Konwar.

He concluded by saying, “The hope of 2022 keeps you away from fashion diets and ’10-day conversion’ strategies. Be limitless 💜 ”before sharing“ you ate a whole plate of these gud wali jalebi with saffron milk ”

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