Founder of Achievebig Media Agency, Fateen Farooqui reveals that the agency is planning to start its own studio for Influencers and Creators

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Digital Marketing looks easy, but it is not, you have to update yourself daily to stay in the competition continually. An emerging name in the marketing industry, Fateen Farooqui is the CEO and Founder of Achievebig Media Agency that works with popular celebrities, artists, RJ and Influencers.  Based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Achivebig Media Agency is already a reputed name in the digital world and is soon planning to start its own studio for Influencers and Creators.

 Achievebig Media is blessed with digital heads who know how to use the content for individual and companies, which can help them grow name and business. Being a leading SEO marketing expert, he gives his advice to many stars and companies in their work which allows them to grow digitally.

Many top names in digital marketing believe Fateen’s effective way is advantageous, and we will definitely see his name in top 10 digital marketing experts in India. Fateen has all the ingredients in him which a digital marketing expert must-have. Because of his qualities, he has already become the youngest digital marketing expert in India.

Fateen started his work at a young age. His father Ashraf Farooqui and other family members always supported him.  Despite being a medical student, Farooqui divided his time between studies and marketing. He never thought about leaving studies to pursue his passion. Simultaneously with his studies, he stepped into the world of Influencer Marketing, and today when his own friends are looking to decide on their careers, he already has a strong marketing team working with him.

A true self made personality, Fateen Farooqui is the creator of his own future. His hard work, honesty and the time that he devotes to his passion is really commendable. He is fully focused and dedicated to where he wants to reach. 

“Honestly speaking, I always gave my work the first preference. Being sincere is the key to good business and whatever I do, I do with utmost sincerity and dedication,” says Fateen Farooqui when asked about his remarkable rise in the field of marketing.

Having worked as a Business Development Manager for a well-known company, Fateen never looked back after starting his own venture in the marketing world.

His motivation comes from one of his own statuses and when he thinks about it, not only does he get inspired, but also inspires others to achieve big in life. That extraordinary status read, “You will know the reality at the correct time, just search for it on Google!” “I think now is the correct time to change that status,” says Fateen. 


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