Founder and Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari, MAYURI KADAMBANDE chosen for MAHADEVI VERMA SAHITYA SHIROMANI for her Bestselling book ‘Art of Overcoming Rejection’

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Mayuri Kadambande is Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari foundation she is on a mission to Empower 1 lakh women to become great leaders with the help of life changing tools and solutions. She is a transformational leadership and mindset Mentor. With 10+ years of experience in operational excellence.

She is also an author of the bestselling book “Art of overcoming rejection ” for which she has been recognized with multiple awards like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala saman Phd convocation award as Literary personality, Sahityakosh Awardee for 2022 and many more.

Mayuri has successfully trained 1000+ people helping them achieve their leadership goals.

She believes every woman has right to live an independent & respectful life by developing right mindset one can overcome challenges in their life be it discrimination of color, financial situation, racism, relationship with the family, Workplace politics, sexual harassment, Abuse and many more.

In 10+ years of her work experience in different leadership roles she has experienced challenges that women face while balancing their personal and professional lives, which results them falling into stress, anger, Anxiety, frustration, depression at times even affecting their health in the long run.

Mayuri extends her hand to women who are aspiring to make a difference in their life through her books, webinars, and coaching sessions.

As we remember Late Mahadevi Verma Ji on the occasion of her 115th birthday, Cherry Book Awards felicitated the chosen literary personalities for their amazing contribution to Indian Literature. Mayuri Kadambande was chosen as one of the prestigious awardees for her impactful writings and contribution to the literary world.

Here is an exclusive interview with Mayuri Kadambande:

1)Tell us something about yourself.

I am on a mission of empowering 1 lakh women to lead a successful life.

I am a Founder & Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari, I help women to build leadership skills by developing strong mindset.

A bestselling author for the Book “Art of Overcoming Rejection”.  

I believe every individual has the right to grow and develop to their full potential and live a happy life

2)Which books written by you have been published?

All the work that I am putting forward  in literary field is based on true stories of people

  1. Art of overcoming rejection link is mentioned below

2.    Mind your tongue is my second book will be releasing soon 

3.    Together forever Apart yet a part is my third book which will launch in coming August 22

3)What is your success mantra for budding writers, poets, and authors?

Believe in your self and your writing, your knowledge can inspire someone in life.

Value your work and be consistent.

4)What is your other profession and how does it influence your literary work?

I am a Mindset and leadership mentor and I help women and couples who are facing challenges in relationship, job, family, in laws issues build the strong mindset. With effective counselling & coaching on topics like overcoming rejection, anger management, Anxiety management, time management, overcoming habit of procrastination. 

People can contact me on or DM me on Instagram mayuri_kadambande with referring this interview.

This profession helps me understand the emotional roller coaster people go through and how important it is for a person to develop emotional intelligence.  

5)What inspires you and keeps you going?

My parents and mentors play a vital role in my life I have leaned from them they are the foundation to my personal values and work ethic.

I remember my parents told me when I was 10 years old that whatever work I do I should give my 100 % while doing the same never compromise on injustice, integrity, attack on your self-respect. Regardless of how many people are standing in your favor or against always do the right thing.

My Guru & my mentor always taught me Life is not a race, it’s an experience you have live it magnificently and to it’s full potential. Any day gone without learning is a day wasted. I have learned from them that success is not in competition it’s in collaboration.

My mission and WakeUpUrbanNaari movement of empowering 1 lakh women by helping them live a financially independent and respectful life keeps me going everyday.

6)Share some of your major achievements?

Amazon Bestselling Author 

Won International Women Laureate Awards

Won Bankim Chandra Chatterjee kala Samman Award 

Won Sheroes Navya Naari Samman Award on Women day

Have been featured at London Journal news, The New York Express, have been recognized as top 25 Most Deserving Writers of India and many more..

Have been appreciated by Sindhu Sindhutai Sapkal.

7)How did you start your writing journey?

I wanted to write from a long time however I couldn’t decide on what topic should I be writing fact or Fiction, while I was contemplating between the two, I found a mentor my guru who believed in me, inspired me, and guided me to write.

He also suggested since I am a mentor and counselor, I should write on something that would help and inspire people.

This is how my writing journey started I started interviewing people noting down their experiences and started incorporating their stories.

So anyone reading my books do remember every incident mentioned in the book is a true experience of their life somebody has faced those challenges in real life. My only request is be empathetic.

8)How do you react to the success you got thus far?

I believe this is just the beginning it also reminds me words of popular lines written by Robert Frost

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep, 

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep

9)What do we expect from you in the future?

In future I would be coming up with my Podcast in couple of months where we will talk about emotions and emotional intelligence because how you feel today would define your life in future.

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