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“For Me Friendship Matter The Most Then Fame”, says Choti Sardani Actress Akriti Agarwal Over Her Bonds This Friendship Day

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Finally, Friendship Day is just around the corner, and on this day, we celebrate the friendships that have enriched and made our lives brighter. Even if our friends aren’t our blood relatives, they make our lives happier, share the same amount of love, and are there for us no matter what. And our social media queen, Akriti Agarwal, who is one of the best actors and always astounds her audience, has a small group of her closest friends in addition to the huge army of 1.4 million followers that she enjoys.

Akriti whose Instagram is a complete proof of a true bond with all the creators, spoke on her special bond with ace influencers Nisha Guragain, Deepak Joshi, and Amir Siddique. The actress says, “I don’t care about fame, but friendship is the one thing that gives me peace and inspires me to work harder and achieve all the success I’ve always wanted.” “Nisha and Deepak have been two of those pillars in my life who have always supported me in my darkest moments, and I feel so fortunate for them..” exclaimed the actress.

Akriti Agarwal

Adding more to it, the actress says, “I make it a point to stay in touch with each of them regularly, and we regularly schedule hangouts over the weekends to help me unwind and give me some time to myself from my hectic schedule.”

From Real Bond to Reel Bond Akriti says, “I want to work on a web series or a short film with my friend Nisha, and I want to do a lot of music videos with Deepak and hilarious entertainment videos with Amir.” Just let’s pray that this desire comes true.”

Let’s just hope that these adorable bonds stay stronger like our friendship band of this amazing bunch of friends which Akriti is blessed with




On the work front, Akriti Agarwal has many more music videos in her pipeline, which will be announced soon.

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