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The Top 10 Contemporary Writers of India by Flairs and Glairs are Dr. Aswin Shaji, Yukti Rawat, Ovais Rashid, Tehneyat Quraishi, Ankita Anand, Konki Kamal Sharon, Ayesha Anam Althaf, Debanjana Ghatak, and Dr. Giftsy Dorcas E.

Dr Aswin Shaji

Dr.Aswin Shaji is a MBBS doctor from Kollam, Kerala, following his passion for both the healing arts and the literary arts. He did his schooling in IISJ Saudi Arabia and MBBS at Amrita institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.

He is the Author of ‘The Nirvanic Heart’ and is the Co-Author in 13 books. His patience to listen to one’s stories and his keen view of life is what inspires him to blot his ink on paper. His love for poetry arises from the reflected shades of life and the sublimation of nature with the soul. 

Instagram @thenirvanicheart.

Let us read a Content by him :

Eye of the beholder,

Dreams up the beauty,

shapes up their life,

Into a vast paradise.

Eye of the beholder,

Shalt never wane and demise,

For they see truth in the beauty,

The soul’s resplendent shine.

All these trying times,

I have trudged through for him,

All these days of glory,

Were spent celebrating with him.

Years passed by,

But the love stayed the same,

Or, so I believed,

For snared was I from him.

A young buxom beauty,

With a tug of an ever enduring sneer,

snatched away my would be,

With all of my distant dense dreams.

With mascara stained tears,

I will myself to bury, 

What could have been an eternity,

For I cannot push myself to sin.

With wine laced lips,

I weep myself to a hush,

For those who leave me,

Shalt be struck by the same.

All it took was a buxom beauty,

To lose all we build,

Hey man are you so shallow,

To not see what’s unbuilt.

I curse my judgement,

For not seeing through,

Those hollow eyes,

That only see the shallow.

Eye of the beholder,

Dreams up the beauty,

shapes up their life,

Into a vast paradise.

I hope I find the will,

The will to move on,

To paint a new scene,

To manifest my paradise. 

Yukti Rawat

Yukti Rawat is an optimistic personality and a budding poet who is currently pursuing B.A. (H) Economics from University of Delhi. She is an avid reader and prefers the dust of books over electronic media. Most of her literary works are based on little things which remain unnoticed in our day-to-day life. She is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer. She is also known due to her leadership qualities and held various positions in her school and college. She is Co-Author of 20+ national and international published and ongoing Anthologies of different themes and genres.

Email id- rawatyukti22@gmail.com

Let us read a content by her Titled ‘Deep Down’ :

                                                                                                                                                                              When I dived into the ocean of silence,

I realized it’s much noisier there,

the soundless voice got deeper,

with the intensity of my thoughts.

Tempting beautiful lights on the surface,

my cheerful merry moments,

little golden fishes chuckling and giggling,

the best old school days.

As I swam deeper into the depths,

saw exceptionally aphotic areas,

deep dark secrets,

harrowingly unpleasant memories.

Illuminating the dark the jelly fishes ,

were all my achievements,

hydra, lotus, jelly fishes so lively and fresh,

like daily affirmations.

Then I reached the bottom,

reality striking ocean bed,

here below lies the true,

and authenticinto affirmation unveiled me. 

Ovais Rashid

Ovais Rashid is a young doctor and a student of philosophy whose writings are based on real life situations. Instagram ovais_rashid61

email ovaisrashid61@gmail.com

Let us read a content by the author :

Education enlightens our ignorance. More the education more it should lay bare our ignorance and unknowningness. Education shows us why we aren’t everything and why we know nothing, why no superiority inferiority concept exists in reality. Why the traditional “special person” is invalid. But instead of getting enlightened about our ignorance by education

what we are getting is arrogance.

Education is an antidote to arrogance but its notfunctioning against it. My opinion is that this is because of some default in our education. True education is enlightenment of ignorance and eradication of arrogance.

Nitumoni Gogoi

Nitumoni Gogoi, her pen name Nitz is passionate in writing, she started to express her thoughts and feelings through words. She is a co-author of many books, written many articles. Since childhood, she has been fond of writing. She gets the beauty of poetic nature from her mom. She loves to dancing, traveling, writing, photography and likes to help needy one. She want to live her life in her own way with peacefully and happily. Likes to spend time with the elegant moon and angel stars under the sky.

Let us read a content by the author Titled ‘Tranquil in Forest’ :

Nature our home

Trees are dancing without disturbance

Lovely leaves are telling the secrets 

Everywhere echoes of melodious voice.

There is a pleasure quiet

There is an amazingly beautiful;

Stay awhile, feel the elegancy of positive

Where time goes slow

and the deep breath is mellow,

Wanderlust calm amidst in beautiful trees

No hurry, no hurdle only peace.

Forest our home

To be friends with trees and listen their deep thoughtful breeze where all things are equal

When gets hurting or your soul needs healing softly

When things are in a way that can’t expect or heart try to understand

When something feels wrong or just need some place to be lone

Where exquisite of happiness shine,

Nature is the place where live the life freely and peacefully.

Always grateful for the beautiful forest

Trees our life,

Forest our home.

Tehneyat Quraishi

Tehneyat Quraishi born in 2000 india, her father is Anees ul hasan quraishi and mother Sayeda Tabassum. she has two brothers salman quraishi and ahmed quraishi ,she is a  brilliant writer and a young mind who can never stop writing when she was 12 she wrote her first poem, since then till now she didn’t stop writing, as she wants to communicate to the world through her poetry and stories, her stories and poetries convey messages inspires people, and also she wants to spread love through her work.

Contributed in anthologies 

Euonia beautiful thinking 

Murad ek umeed 

The dark sod 

Tales of the dead

Published her own book claims it might be series of book in future it is an amazing book with  which young people can relate to  “blame on beds” a book   which is based on love and justice . She wrote her first solo book with her friend ankita Anand the book blame on beds is filled with all the elements love , friendship , crime , justice though it is an complete fictional book it is inspired by the reality .

Let us read a content by the author Titled ‘Let Me Be’ :

Let me fall,

Let me break.

Let me take all the pain it takes,

Let me be

Let it suffocate,

Cause there are beautiful things, 

Down in the oceans and seas,

Deep in the caves,

High in the outer space,

The distance and walls which we create,

Limits our visions and shuts the magical gates,

It might be senseless,

It might be vague,

It might sound useless,

It might take time, Early or late,

It might be a beautiful dream,

 I don’t wanna be wide awake, 

Let me see,let me be,

 Let me be what i wanna be,

 This wolrd is so big,

I wanna know more,

If you cant walk with me,

Or make me run, just dont make me stop.

Let me explore,

Let me shout,let me scream,let me roar.

Summary : it’s for an inner passion which is buried under in the pressure of society this poem conveys the message to enhance your passion creativity the writer wants to convey  a message through this poem never stop doing the right thing never stop chasing your dreams failure is the greatest learning experiences and doing what you love can do wonders.

Ankita Anand 

Ankita Anand was born in 2002, Delhi. She is a media student, writer and a poet pursuing her bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication from MIT-ADT. She said YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING BY WRITING. Ankita considers her faith and friends to be most important to her. She started writing at the age of 13 as her hobby. Her only motto behind writing is no one can tell your story so tell it yourself, no one can write your story so write it yourself. Her poems and stories convey messages. She is great with Hindi poems. She wrote her first poem on mother as a gift to her mom. She is an excellent writer and published her first book “Blame On Beds”, when she was 19. She wrote that book with her friend in the darkest phase of her life. Publishing a book was her dream and she never thought it would come true. The never giving up attitude of hers kept her going, even her co-author believed that she was her strength in her lowest and inspired her as well. She is a young and beautiful girl who believes in getting things done. 

Blame On Beds is the balance of friendship, romance, crime and justice. She said, “Sadly this book is inspired by the real incidences of the world”. She wrote this book with her friend, Tahneyat Quraishi in July 2021 and completed it in the last week of July itself. Yes, they wrote this book in less than a month, and published it in February 2022.

One Of Her Favourite Poem written by her is ‘Bezubaan’ :

logo ko samjate samjate waqt aisa aya khud ki awaz dab gyi or main haar gyi….

dar gyi thi main jab ang ang se sana tha usne dar gyi thi main 

us lamhe main zinda hote hue mar gyi thi main 

dar gyi thi papa main dar gyi thi 

ghin se nafrat se bhar gyi thi main 

hum jaisa hi rang roop humare sath hi vo rehta tha 

anjaan thi uska imaan har shareer par bikta tha 

saral bhau mithi boli papa ap sa vo lagta tha

par anjaan thi main ladki ko dekh shareer uska sulgta tha …

uske napaak iradoon ko main parakh na payi 

thande shareer ko mere jab jakad kar usne pakda tha 

kaise smjau apko main haar gyi thi papa main haar gyi thi 

Is duniya ke dar main haar gyi main 

papa apke abhimaan ko usne bori ki tarah ragda tha

Maa jin zulfo ko apne sawara tha un zulfo ko usne kheecha tha 

dar gyi thi main 

papa jaise vo samne aya tha ghor apraad ki thiki bu ayi thi jab vo pass mere aya tha 

apni gandi niyat se usne apki beti ko chua tha 

raat bhar jaagkar yeh nura samay samne toh nhi ata par humesha ke liye mere dil main reh jayega papa 

aj apki beti haar gyi 

vo din akhon main basta 

vo danav har kisi main dikhta 

papa kaise batau apko main jise badi mehnat se apne bada kiya use duniya ki nazro se chupau kaise 

batao main chup baithu kaise 

nahi samaj payi main ki insani roop main vo reh rha haiwan hai 

dar gyi thi main ……

koi kuch na kar paya uska , duniya ka dar jo sataya hai 

haar gyi main papa 

kya bata sakta hai vo apni bhen ko kya bulandiya vo laya hai , mere jism ko chukar kya usne paya hai 

pata hai kaisa lagta hai jab apne paraye hote hai 

jab itne zurm sehkar bhi ap khud gunehgaar hote hai

kar mujhper yeh gunha rooh uski kanpi nhi haar gyi main papa aj apki beti haar gyi 

Konki Kamal Sharon

Konki Kamal Sharon hailing from Pochampad, Telangana State. Elder daughter of Konki John Subhaker and Elizabeth. For her the ultimate happiness is her Younger Sister. Post Graduate in English from Eflu Lucknow. Holds Distinction in M.A. Political Science from Osmania University. Writing to her is the Greatest Gift from Almighty. She is a writer, Co-author of 50+anthologies, Compiler. Her name is Google Searchable. You can find her quotes on  Google as well. 

Let us read a Content by her Titled ‘Be Proud Of Who You Are’ :

In the midst of chaos  choose to be a Phoneix raising from the ashes of screaming situations,

In life there will be ladders which helps you to reach the heights,

There are snakes like own thoughts which drags you down from the dreams. 

You should make yourself worthy to Inspire of any other person deny,

Let the spark of yourself be the motivation to keep you forward in the time of grief,

Positive utterance of your confidence make you forward and give you relief. 

In the battle of past baggage and future results, 

Keep giving attention to the outcome of your present opportunities and clear the way, 

Flourishing depends upon the time you dedicate to bring out the best and leave the rest and pray. 

There will be no hand to pick you up from the bonded chains, 

At last you are the only one to make your future to shine bright, 

Build yourself in a way even a break can make you figure out where should start to make it right.

Don’t constantly focus on negative aspects which ruin your mental peace, 

Each phase of life gives you a lesson learn it and apply it in future, 

Be your own light which gives you strength to handle minor to major situations. 

Be an example of strong survivor rather than being a sympathy card holder, 

Start, Play, Progress and never ever give up on yourself, 

Be Self Sufficient to make yourself Proud.

Ayesha Anam Althaf

Albert Einstein once said, “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”

Ayesha Anam Althaf a 17year old, science student from Bangalore. A self-made writer. Who loves writing poetry. A published poetess. A person who admires a good story.

 Who is compiling her very first anthology  called “I Told The stars About you.” under Rosewood publications. Who is writing her first novel named “Thought I would never see you again.” Still in process.

She wrote her first poem when she was in 8 and then  continued others after finishing her 10, A year ago.

Grand niece of Hasanabba B.A( EX-Member, Karnataka legislative council) writer of 7 mathematics books and Tigers treasure.

“Exactly a year ago I have no idea I would be where I am today. The support I receive from friends and family is so overwhelming. I have been published in 15+ and counting anthologies under various publications. At this very point of time last year I was someone with the least achievement, now I am almost about the fill the cabinet with my trophies and certificates which I received from being a published poetess. I would like to thank my father and mother for being so supportive of me and letting me follow my dreams and passion together” she said.

Writers contact

Instagram :- @anaalfa.writes

Twitter :- @anaalfawrites

Wattpad :- @anaalfawrites

Here is something written by her.

My pride. 

Trying to scream into my pillow because sometimes the world around me is so unbearable,

I wish they’d be more understanding but that seemed impossible.

I was born as a girl that was my crime.

I was always forced not talk in life just like a mime. 

From the way I sat to the way I spoke,

To those sleepless nights that kept me awake.

Tied like a puppet with strings,

To the pain that brings for some great beginnings. 

What will other people think is their only question,

I don’t understand and think why is that even the question.

I am a princess without a tiara,

To be crowned the queen of my era.

Debanjana Ghatak

Debanjana is an ordinary girl with big dreams in her heart. She is an ardent lover of animals, Literature, music, photography, Nature and a strong believer of God. She loves to dream and enjoys dwelling in her fairytale land. She calls herself a believer and a dreamer. Professionally she is an English and Soft Skills faculty and has a great rapport with all of her students. She has already worked on 150+ anthologies as one of the co-authors. Debanjana also has a solo book, ‘Let’s Sing a Love Song’ published in 2017. She has received many prestigious awards in the field of literature, photography and artwork. She is also an active columnist of The Telegraph t2 Feedback page. Debanjana believes in the philosophy of never giving up. She doesn’t give up dreaming and believing in what she believes.

Let us read a content by her Titled ‘This is Who I am’ :

I am a free bird,

Who flies high to touch the highest peak of the sky.

I am a warrior,

Who fights and saves the people from evil’s clutches.

I am a just girl,

Who prays to almighty for your safety.

I am a story teller,

Who finds solace in moonlit sky and numerous shiny beings.

I am a lover,

Who adores her beloved and promises to keep him safe from every harm.

I am a flower,

Who blooms in your garden to make you happy and smile.

I am that wild wood,

Who enchants you and takes you to the magic world.

I am the spring breeze,

Who touches every soul and gives them food to feel.

I am the summer rain, 

Who brings joy and peace to a drought heart. 

I am me, I am free, 

None of you can capture me.

I will fly, I will float, I will rode, I will drew sword,

Keep trying, you cant subdue my inner soul.

Dr Giftsy Dorcas E

Dr. Giftsy Dorcas E., hails from Tamil Nadu and works as an English faculty at Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Queen of Hills, Nilgiris nurtured her, Coimbatore and Madurai groomed her academically. She was a university topper in her UG and PG degrees.

She has completed her doctoral degree in English literature. A strong believer of God, a writing enthusiast, she is passionate about attempting new forms and genres of writing. Along with compiling three books, she has co-authored a poetry book, published poems and short stories in 60+ anthologies, has been part of seven record holding anthologies. Her keen interest in academic research has enabled her to publish research articles in journals. She enjoys working with young minds and believes that every individual has the potential to make a difference in their life.

IG id: giftsy_binny

Let us read one of the best contents by her  Titled ‘Our Equation’ :

If I am hot water,

And you are burning fire,

Then our equation would set a hot fire.

If I am deliciously sweet,

And you are delightfully sour,

Then our equation would spread sweet delight.

If I am the super moon,

And you are the glittering star,

Then our equation would become a super star.

If I am uncontrollable laughter,

And you are passionate anger,

Then our equation would ooze with uncontrollable passion.

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