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Life is a beautiful journey that is meant to be embraced to the fullest every day. However, that doesn’t mean you always wake up ready to seize the day, and sometimes need a reminder that life is a great gift. Whether a funny quote from a famous celebrity or an encouraging message about giving it your best from a successful business person, we can all use a little motivation and inspiration these days via a quote. Here are five quotes that will inspire you, along with their writers:

Never let a negative person make you become like them

  • Suujish Kandampullyy

Being a graduate in Electrical Engineering and a passionate Writer, Sujish is also an Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Blogger, Author, Photographer & a Philanthropist. He is recognized as an International Poet on Poetry Soup which is world’s largest community of international poets. 

He is also the author of the book “Soul Strings” published by YourQuote. Most of his works are based on his personal life experiences. Sujish has taken a deep dive into the ocean of life where he goes in search of understanding the core importance of a human’s life and their journey based on which he has come up with some really wonderful & touching masterpieces. His motive is to help make people’s life better by spreading positivity through his writings. You can find his work on platforms like YourQuote and Writco. His works have been published in the print media as well. As a Co-Author his work has been published in more than 30+ anthologies. 

To receive a constant stream of motivation & inspiration from his work, you can follow him on his instagram page @suujish_kandampullyy_official. You can connect with him at 

His Awards & Achievements include

Writer of the Year 2021 by Rising Star India.

Startup of the Year 2021 by Rising Star India.

Star Icon for the Year 2021 by Rising Star India.

Indian Noble Awards 2021.

Writer of the Year 2021 by Forever Star.

Independent Indian Icon 2021.

“Single parent is an oxymoron.; once a parent, can never be single”

  • Kavita Misra

Kavita Misra is a philanthropist by nature and fighter by spirit. She has faced all odds with her optimism and with strong faith in God.

She has pledged for ORGAN Donation, and also makes people aware of it’s importance and motivates them to pledge the same. 

She has taught in various schools and is now taking online classes of Spoken English. She is a motivational speaker, freelance translator, writer and proof reader, equally adept and fluent in English and Hindi.  

 She has co-authored in more than 20 anthologies, and has compiled one of her own. She writes and speaks about issues like gender bias, prejudices, parent-child relationship, single parent, gratitude and positive thinking. 

Kavita is highly respected in the literary circle and is often invited as Special guest/ judge at open mics and other events.


·        Real Super Woman 2021 by FSIA (Category: Author and Writer)

· Sahitya Ratna Award 2020

· Cherry book Award 2020

· Fireboxx Award as Best Co-author 2020-21

· Brain-O-Brain Wonder Parent

City Topper: 2018-19

· Brain-O-Brain Wonder Parent 

City Rank 11: 2019-20

· Excellent Performance in Speech Contest as a CMS Teacher: 2010

Insta: @literarykavita 

Facebook profile: literary kavita

Facebook page: Kavita- thinking aloud 


“Life is a series of ups and downs it’s an adventure for many people. It is all about taking risks; The more you jump the more chances you can climb on top. Great things take time; that doesn’t mean there is no option for that. You can always find your way if you are willing to take steps ahead. The greatest risk is not taking any risks.” 

  • Naveen Bhardwaj

He is Naveen Bhardwaj. A programmer, Content Writer✒️ 📝 and Affiliate Marketer by profession. He likes Reading Books and Audiobooks in his Meantime; He also likes Writing Articles and poems to pen down His Words. That’s How he came into the world of poetry writing. He strongly believes that writing thoughts helps us to overcome stress. He works with well-reputed publications as a co-author in Anthology; He Has written over 350+ Anthology as a Co-author and over 15+ World Record Books in an Anthology. 

Some of his Record Book includes:- 

•Indian Book of Records 

•Bravo International Book of Record 

•National Record-Breaking Anthology. 

•Hope Star World Record

•kalam Book of Record 

•World Largest Anthology with 1,409 Writers i.e. Incarnation. 

•Forever Star Book of World Record. 

•Vajra World Record Holder. 

      And many more to come. He is also planning to write on international Books as a Co-Author. His writeup was also published in a well-reputed Magazine and a Newspaper.

“माँ एक तू ही रक्षक मेरी

बाकि तो सब भक्षक है।

तू रखे गर्भ में अपने

तन मन अपना वारकर

तू ही मेरी पोषक है।

तेरी छाया बचाये काली नजरो


गोद में तेरी निःस्वार्थ प्रेम

बाकि सब निरर्थक है।”

  • निकेता पाहुजा

निकेता पाहुजा देवभूमि उत्तराखंड के रुद्रपुर शहर से हैं । एक गृहणी होने के साथ-साथ इन्हे कविताएं, शायरियाँ लिखने का भी शौक है। लॉकडाउन के दौरान उनको अपने इसलिए हुनर की पहचान हुई इन्होने कभी सोचा नहीं था कि लेखन क्षेत्र में ये कदम रखेंगी ।प्रतिलिपि पर इनकी 100 से ज्यादा कविताएं और कहानियां प्रकाशित हैं व कुछ कवितायें काव्य संकलन में प्रकाशित भी हुई है। 2021 में ही लिखने की शुरुआत की इन्होने अब तक 8 काव्य संकलन में प्रतिभागी बन चुकी है। फिलहाल में 2 बार इन्हे सर्वोत्तम लेखक का पुरुस्कार भी मिल चुका है। काफ़ी प्रतियोगिताओं में भी इन्होने भाग लिया है, जिनके लिए इन्हे सम्मान पत्र भी प्राप्त है।

अपने ह्रदय के ज़ज्बातों को कविताओं और रचनाओं में पिरो कर बयां कर मन के भावो को कलम के द्वारा कागज़ पर लिख देने का हुनर प्राप्त है । ये रश्मिरथी समूह से भी जुडी हुई हूं, व आप इन्हे प्रतिलिपि योरकोट व रश्मिरथी पर फॉलो कर इनकी रचनाओं को पढ़ सकते हैं।

“I just want to use the power of my creativity to build peace.”

  • Author Kshama

Kshama CEO & Founder of Kashmira Puravasini Publications has written and published sixteen books. She is awarded and felicitated by more than ten organisations and by the ruling party of India.

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