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About The Winner – Prakash Halduchaur

Prakash Halduchaur is winner of this contest and from wholeheartedly we are congratulating him. 🎊

Prakash Halduchaur (12-12-2000) is an Indian writer and author Known for his various achivements in the field of literature. Born in Halduchaur area of state Uttarakhand
In present he is a student of bachelor degree in Graphic Era Hill University Haldwani
Representing poetry and fiction writing in multiple languages and has a great hold in inspiring people.

About The Participants

Shivangi Srivastava

Shivangi Srivastava likes travelling and observing new things. She loves painting in her leisure time. She is in love with literature and is also an experienced software engineer with over six years of experience in IT technology in the avionics department. She has been interested in art since her childhood. Her sketches are mainly charcoal-based pencil drawings, and she has a basic knowledge watercolor paintings.

Bulty Das

Bulty das sarkar born on 9december 1992 in Bihar, Kishanganj..she lives in now balurghat dakshin Dinajpur, west bengal..she has completed her master’s in journalism from Nalanda open University patna..she loves to write many poems quotes thoughts and Stories..she is a co author of the books ,Me &My dreams,live life and some other books..her solo book (Zindagi ke kayi rang) published by SGSH Publication…she also likes dancing,singing and painting.. she likes to live life with an open heart..

Challa Sri Gouri

Herself Challa Sri Gouri. She is pursuing her Btech 3rd year in Sreenidhi Institute of science and technology. She is a passionate writer. She is nominated for author of the year 2020 and 2021. Her aim is to motivate and inspire people through her writings.

Shreya Saha

Belonging from the city of joy “Kolkata”, myself SHREYA SAHA, an undergraduate student kf bsc Microbiology hons and also a medical aspirant. Writing is my passion of love, it feels me connected to myself as i explore myself every moment. Inking my emotions and feelings is the best company of my life… Myself a published co author in many anthologies as well as my first anthology as compiler is going on…

Richa Goswami

Myself Richa Goswami , I have completed my Post graduation from Sociology n History
I am district level Batminton player
My hobbies are Art & Craft, Wildlife Photography, Writing


She is Saanjh ,an Indian versatile writer from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh .She likes to write on real life situations. Writing is her childhood passion .She worked as a co-author nearly 20 anthologies and compiled 1 book .
She is professionally a teacher .She completed her bachelor degree in BCA (computer application)and master degree in MCA (Information technology)
She is also works as a business woman .She is a straight forward personality. She only rights on real life situations which connect the readers mind and give readers to actuate.
Apart from this
she is also interested in drawing, music and aesthete.

Princy Rastogi

This is Princy Rastogi a teenage writer from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and has worked for more than 40 anthologies and has even compiled few of her own namely “my Thoughts through Words”, “Maa aur Mai” and “Hey Brother:” currently selling on amazon and flipkart.

Talking of. She loves writing about nature, life scenarios and story –form poetries. She completed her 12th from a private school of Dehradun and will be further pursuing her career in B.Tech continuing writing as her passion side by side.
Her love for writing began while she was in 10th standard and wrote a poem for her dad on his birthday. She sees the world as a place of love and joy and tries to see good in everything
“For her writing is the best way to express ones feelings through words.”


She is Ritu. She hailing from delhi.Her Passion is a writing and hobbies is reading and travelling… Her aim is to achieve success in a short time.
She want to become a professional writer in his life she completed 50+ anthology books as a co author contact with her through Gmail


S.Keerthika is a budding writer. She has finished her Master Degree in English Literature. She is a sportive character. She is most fond of her family and friends. She is more fascinated in writing poems and quotes. She expresses her thoughts and feelings in her writing. She had been a co-author of more than Ten Anthologies. She has been a Complier. She is a English Jury of Word Secret Community. She thinks that literature is a most beautiful thing in the world, which made herself to be so special.

Sheikh Mazida Khatun

She makes her identity by herself. She was a Prolific Writer On Yourquote App. She was an Author. She left her marks as co-author on 35+ books. She was a Compiler of 2 books both the books are available on Amazon, Kindle any many more book platforms. ROOH-E-ALFAZ was her first compiled book which was published under the Umbra Publication. She Started her writing journey in the age of 15 year 2019. As a co-author she started her journey in the year 2020 her 1st performance as co-author was in WANDERLUST Book which was published a well known publication WRITE ORDER. She now pursuing her bachelor’s in BCA from MKICS College, Bharuch, Gujarat. She belongs from West Bengal. She says keep your pen always close to you because when nobody will there for you, then this pen will Stand with and also beside you. She was nor a introvert also nor too extrovert girl. But she like to explore the world. She trying her best to become a good writer.

Guneet Malik

Guneet Malik, a dazzling star born in Ludhiana, the Manchester of India. She is a versatile
artist, renowned actor, charming model, gorgeous dancer, fantastic writer. She excels in communication, leadership, management and problem-solving skills. “Who could be more patient in today’s world?” She is good at her patience and calmness. She is a gregarious personality. She never fails to showcase her talents. She is an embodiment of Hard work that paves the way to success. She is working as an intern and mentor in various programs and organisations. She is working as mentor and volunteer in many NGO’s. She is very much active in taking part and winning in webinars, open mics, debates, declamation, sports and various writing competitions. Her hobbies are too amazing. It includes cooking, reading books, singing, dancing, drawing etc. She loves to capture magical emotions through her art of photography. She is an inspiring poetess seeding strength in her words.She is a fabulous personality and a keen inspiration.


Berdhisha is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She completed her Master’s Degree in Coimbatore. She is a poet who loves to share her own thoughts and imagination, which has its own uniqueness. She manifests the beauty of nature in her poems. Furthermore, she loves to write down her ideas and read novels. She is a blogger, you can read her poems in She is a Co-author for about 120+ Anthologies and compiler of 20 Anthologies. Her first solo book is “AN EPITOME OF MY INNER SOUL”, a collection of seventy-one poems. Do buy her book and read to enjoy the magical lines of her poems. Furthermore she loves to travel and explore new things.

Insta Id : thoughts_of_mine_the_muse

M. Gopika

M.Gopika is a budding writer, hailing from Kadaladi, Ramanathapuram District. Her parents D.Muniyasamy – M.Mangaiyarkarasi. She was born on 23rd September 2000. She started her journey as an English writer some a year ago. Most of her poem’s will inspire you to bring your best in you. Her write ups are simple and small, but the meanings and the pain are deeper like the deep sea. She penned her thoughts directly from her heart. Now, she is an author of two books called “Gopika’s Ebullient Verses” and “The unspoken words of my soul”.

Smriti Mishra

She is Smriti Mishra.
She is a teacher by profession and a writer by a passion.She loves to explore her thoughts by writing quotes and poetries.She lives in prayagraj and her native place is Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh.

Pallavi Jeethan

Pallavi Jeethan( Pallu) is from South Karnataka.Brought up in Mumbai.

She has completed 2 and half years of Diploma in Health care Administration after 12 th.(SNDT University) Santacruz.

BA in psychology and Economic .(IDOL) Santacruz

1 year Diploma in Foundation of yoga(Mumbai University).

1 year Diploma in Advance
yoga(Mumbai University).

Writing is her passion.( She is co-author of 29+ Anthologies and Compiled 3 book .

She is blogger too.

Her first solo book-

Short YouTube Video of her book from SGSH publication-

Her 2 nd Solo book –

Short YouTube Video of her book From SGSH publication-

1st book as a compiler –

2nd book as a compiler –

3rd Book as a compiler –

Top 5 Indian Co -authors who are certainly the future of Contemporary literature –

Top 18 Exceptional talent of the globe –


Namma Billaver-


Her blog site ( u can search her name by Pallavi Jeethan in this site)-

Art is her hobby.

By profession she is a yoga personal trainer.

Pages of her
yoga page in FB –

Art page in FB –

Facebook Account –

Instagram ID – Pallu2610🧿

Pragya Bharti

She loves to string the pearls words and thoughts into garland of anguish, broken, motivational, unconscious, happiness, traditional,patriotism and many more feelings, reality around her surroundings and also tries to write thriller, suspense, fantasy,traditional and imaginary feelings which we call fictional.

She also loves to read, explore new things of the world and enjoys every moment of life either its sorrow or happiness.

Mani Phogat

Mani Phogat is an academician, writer, poet and lyricist. She is also a former State level athlete. The author has co-authored a few books such as “Still, Have breathing”, “Radheyshyam”, “Smile Please”, and “Khyalon ka pitaara” that are published by Sapphire Publications, Brown Page Publication, and Wordsmith Publishers. A collection of her poems has recently been launched by SGSH Publications under the title “Ansune Alfaz”. Radheyshyam and Ansune Alfaz books are available on Amazon for purchase. Some of her poems are also available on her Youtube and Instagram channel (phogat_manisha).
She is also fond of exploring and learning new things. She is passionate about teaching thus providing free-online classes to TGT/PGT/LT/GIC Home Science aspirants at her Youtube channel (MS Education is Freedom).
She can be contacted at

Sohini Sarkar

Sohini Sarkar is from Kolkata. This city inspires her a lot. She is the Founder of Inspired Thoughts Publication, Golden Talent Page and Owner of Brand Sohini Bastralaya, Social Media Promotion Head and Podcast Co Head of Inkzoid Foundation and NewsReader at Viral Ink 24 News channel, Animator. Pursuing English honours at New Alipore College and she is pursuing courses from Cousera and eskillindia. She is a published Author, her books are”The Unique Volume”, “Alankar Sriti”,”The True Tales”, “Turning Points”,her first comic book”The Mask”, Co-Author in 100+ anthologies,Compiled books”The Good Will”,”Destiny”,”The Blessed”,Entrepreneur of Brand Beautione,achieved many certificates in writing and in other fields. Photography, Acting,Dancing and singing are her passion. She is a storyteller, scriptwriter,Voiceover artist,
lyricist,participates in Open mics, published many writings in YourQuote app,Featured Podcaster and YouTuber.

Syedah Hafiza Rabia Iqbal

Syedah Hafiza Rabia Iqbal, Pakistani published writer, by profession she’s a teacher and co-author of 500+ anthologies, poetry is her favorite genre.

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