‘Faces’ by Sarah wins The Navaratri Writing Contest | Cherry Book Awards

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A free Navaratri Writing Contest was organized by Cherry Book Awards on the occasion of Navaratri to promote global writing talents. The jury member picked Sarah as the winner in the English category. Here is the winning poem Faces by Sarah:

Faces by Sarah

Someone once asked 

Why I dress so shabby?

Well, the answer lies

In the depths of my soul’s dark abbey!

And while you choose what to wear

To join in life’s race

I stand before my closet

Thinking – Today which face?

So engulfed by darkness is my being

That even I no longer recognise me

And each new day is an unveiling!

I lack no branded clothes

Or makeup or accessories

What I lack is the will to dress up

And deal with even the basic necessities!

While you mix and match

Your perfect outfit and face creams

I’m relentlessly trying to choose

A ‘face’ that hides the screams!

Run away from me, shun me

Like I’m a disease

For all I want is solitude 

To find the face that once was ME! 


Read more about Sarah here!

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