Eclipse Event Community Organized A Writing Competition Titled As "Autumn Days".

Eclipse Event Community Organized A Writing Competition Titled As “Autumn Days”.

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Eclipse Event community has been working towards polishing the skills of everyone by organising different competitions in various fields. the organisation is headed by Shruti Singh, Aditi Bajoria and Yash Agarwal. The community recently conducted their monthly writing competition which allowed the writers to craft their vision on any topic of their choice.

There were a total of 20 participants which were- Palak Chauhan, Sarika Phull Nandrajog, Sunita, Yashti Agarwal, Punam Agarwal, Dr. Mayur Solanki, Pulkit Saxena, Nirzari Bhide, Rohini vaibhav pawar, Dr. Neelam Das, Aarushi Gambhir, Gyaneshwari Vyas, Mewanpynkmen Jana, P. Shanmuga Preethi, Sonali Soumya Mishra, Kaushal Thakkar, Neeru Nigam, Rahemanali Parabadiya, Jamuna S., Navneet Goswamy.

The jury was in trouble choosing winners among these talented participants. The competition was healthy and well organised and one winner was chosen among everyone.
In the end Gyaneshwari Vyas Smriti was chosen as winner and was sent the winners hamper to her respective residence.

The whole team wishes the winner great prosperity and power to conquer more achievements in future!
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