Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari Foundation, Author Mayuri Kadambande shares a beautiful note for her father

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Dear Papa,

It’s said love is selfless and you are a live example of it.
I am greatful to god for giving me such a loving and caring father.

Thank you for everything Papa Love you

Mayuri Kadambande

About Mayuri Kadambande

Mayuri Kadambande is the Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari foundation and the author of “Art of Overcoming Rejection”.

Mayuri is on a mission to Empower 1 lakh women to become great leaders with the help of lifechanging tools and solutions. She is a transformational leadership and mindset Mentor.
She is also an author of the bestselling book “Art of overcoming rejection ” for which she has been recognized as must read books of 2022 by wisdom publications & Aspiring Achievers.
Mayuri has been applauded with multiple awards like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala saman Phd convocation award as Literary personality, Sahityakosh Awardee for 2022.

She has also received International Women’s Laureate Award in March-2022 for her significant contribution to the women in society and excellence in the respective field of Honour. SHEROES recognized her impeccable work and journey and awarded her NAVYA NAARI SAMMAN on women’s day this year.

Mayuri has successfully trained 1000+ people helping them achieve their leadership goals.
She believes every woman has right to live an independent & respectful life by developing right mindset one can overcome challenges in their life be it discrimination of color, financial situation, racism, relationship with the family, Workplace politics, sexual harassment, Abuse and many more.

In 10+ years of her work experience in different leadership roles she has experienced challenges that women face while balancing their personal and professional lives, which results them falling into stress, anger, Anxiety, frustration, depression at times even affecting their health in long run.

Mayuri extends her hand to women who are aspiring to make difference in their life through her books, webinars, coaching sessions.

She also talks about leadership and giving equal opportunities to people.
Why wellness of Mental health & mindfulness is necessary

Slogan of WakeUpUrbanNaari is
“Living Respectful life is basic right of every woman “
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Instagram: mayuri_kadambande
FB: mkadambande25
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