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Be prepared to accomodate price hike of power supply by KERC, albeit a moderated one, writes Aashna Aggarwal

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In her Letter to the editor, Aashna Aggarwal writes,

This is with reference to recently published news on the price hike of power supply by KERC. Although the price hike is yet to be implemented by the government, this hike was inevitable given the inflation and given the recent hikes in essential commodities like fuel and milk. Given that, we have accepted the price hike of fuel and milk though they hurt the common man. The prices are revised every three months which would add up to a considerable amount at the end of the year. In my humble opinion, we must be prepared to accommodate a hike in power supple rates, albeit a moderated hike such that it does not cause a further burden on the common man.

I hope this appears in your esteemed daily.

Yours sincerely
Aashna Aggarwal

About Aashna Aggarwal

Aashna Aggarwal is a first semester student at Christ university Bangalore. She is pursuing B.A. in Journalism psychology and English. She is elated to get published!

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of Aashna Aggarwal via a letter written to the editor.]

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