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Author Yashi Lath is from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India, she is an award-winning author, and content writer. She finds a lovely escape in reading and writing is a passion for her she believes that writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. She has worked with several publication houses as a co-author and solo-published author and she has been featured in media articles and magazines at both national and international levels. 

Author Yashi Lath Wiki

NameAuthor Yashi
Real NameYashi Lath
Date of Birth 16 July 2000 (age 22)
Birthplace Lucknow
Hometown Lucknow
Nationality Indian
Educational Qualification BA (Hons)
SchoolStudy Hall educational foundation Vipul khand 3, Gomti Nagar Lucknow 
Profession Author
Hair color Black
Skin color Fair
Eye color Brown
Tattoo No

Published works of Author Yashi Lath 

  • Tales of life 
  • The magic of colors
  • Aesthetic and soulful quotes 
  • Thoughts of a bookworm
  • Direct from the heart 
  • Shades of love
  • Auras of souls
  • The beat of my heart

Awards and Honours of Author Yashi Lath


  1. The opus talent awards limelight awards
  2. Utkalika best writer award
  3. The rising stars award
  4. Bhartiya youth face of India
  5. Excellence awards
  6. The elite book awards 
  7. The queen award 
  8. Rabindranath Tagore international festival of art and literature award
  9. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman award 
  10. Literary gem awards by cherry book awards 
  11. Femina awards 
  12. Swami Vivekanand Rashtriya Swarna samman (National award ) 
  13. She inspires wonder women award 
  14. Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam national excellence award 

Remarkable titles won by Author Yashi Lath 

  • Best young achiever of 2021
  • Best debut author 
  • Ambitious personality 
  • Author of the year
  • Versatile Female author

Unknown facts about Author Yashi Lath 

1: She likes to spend most of her time in natural surroundings, music and nature give her mind a refreshing break. 

2: She has only one bestie that is her puppy snowy. Snowy has a valuable role in her life she shares her deepest secrets and fears with snowy 

3: She focuses on positive  self-talk and self-love in life  as she believes that these two things help in building a healthy mindset 

4: She believes in making meaningful and permanent connections in life. 

5: According to her beauty is all about having a beautiful heart and a good personality. Looks are just temporary secondary features of beauty which will fade their charm with, passing time and age but a beautiful heart and a decent personality will stay eternal. 

6: She has a strong intuition and identifies the vibes of people and behaves according to their vibes and personalities. 

7: She often falls in love with fictional male characters. 

8: She believes in chasing dreams and ambitions rather than chasing people.

9: She is an old soul who finds peace and happiness in small simple things. Even a long walk or a simple ice cream can make her happy.

10: She likes to capture small happy memories and memorable moments in her small virtual album. 

11: She likes to listen to music while reading books. Music gives her ideas for her new projects.

12: She is a typical Cancerian ♋ ( the daughter of the moon ) and shares a deep connection with the moon and the stars. 

13: She believes in spirituality and likes to read spiritual articles and books. She believes that spirituality like any other thing teaches different things about life.

Relationships and Early Life of Author Yashi Lath

Author Yashi belongs to a family of doctors. Dr Roli Lath is the mother of author yashi and Dr S.K Lath is the father of author yashi. Author Yashi is the eldest one in her family among her cousins.  Author Yashi is currently single as she looks for a permanent connection rather than a temporary one. 

NameYashi Lath
Mother of Author Yashi LathDr. Roli Lath
Father of Author Yashi Lath Dr. S.K. Lath
Siblings of Author Yashi Lath One sister
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex boyfriendsNone
Net WorthNA
Current Relationship Status Single
Does Author Yashi Lath smoke?No
Does Author Yashi Lath drink?No

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