Author Sonali Sharma’s Bestselling book Life Explored gives wholesome warmth and emotional vibes -say readers

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Author Sonali Sharma’s new book Life Explored being seen in the Amazon Bestsellers- gives a wholesome warmth says readers. Unlike Small is the New Big, this book Life Explored is also into Non fiction Genre. But!! What makes it different from a normal “non fiction” books is that it is memoir -cum-collection of stories! Yes, Sonali’s book Life Explored is based on real life incidents with her life; some close, some far, some random moments.

After reading Life Explored one can feel the nostalgic hit to their growing up years. Those unsaid struggles, dreams hitting reality, unsaid feelings, the urge to try out every thing, the will to give best at all modes of life- be it work, career or relations. Still at last getting a hit to rock bottom, the phase where you discover your loneliness is your solitude – that’s when you realise and experience life a little more closely.

Sonali’s write style with depth yet utmost simplicity connects with the reader’s heart. Sonali decided to follow her passion, her childhood passion of writing and now she’s also seen working as a professional writer and literary critic!

She loves to read, being a bibliophile made her inclined more towards books. She says- “I still remember when I was in 6th grade, while reading Sudha Mam’s book I wished toy own book on bookshelf someday! And now being in the final year of graduation and holding two Best-selling books in hand still feels like a dream sometimes!” Futher she adds- Always belive in yourself – self confidence is important but self belief is more important! Hope you have a jolly time reading her books!

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