Author Devika Das goes live with Cherry Book Awards to share about her book Meghna

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Devika Das is an award-winning author and actor. She pursues her passion for writing and theatre in Hyderabad. Her title ‘The Mind Game’ is a national bestseller and is now available at bookstores in London. She has recently published a Hindi short story ‘Meghna’ with Blue Rose Publishers. She has won the National Award for short films Waterman and The Silent Voice directed by Anshul Sinha. She has been invited as a Speaker for many national literary festivals, TED Circles and also judged several literary competitions organized by schools and colleges. Currently, she is working as a Content Strategist for an IT Company in Hyderabad.

About Meghna

Acting comes under the umbrella of performing arts. The actors perform on stage/cinema to entertain the public,but the audience is unaware about their real life experiences. They idolise the actors and forget that these actors too have a human side. An actor’s life may be diametrically opposite to the character played in a play/film. Reel life vs real life. This story exhibits the emotional aspects of the real life of an award-winning theatre artist, Meghna Sahay through a retrospective narrative. The poems mentioned in this story are an original artwork of the author.

Devika went live recently for an exclusive interview with Cherry Book Awards in which she talked her heart out about Meghana and many more topics. Here is the video:

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