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Aunty Maza and similar sites post content that is not good for the Indian youth says the most talented person in Mumbai Ubbay Francis. He believes such sites should also be a part of the recent ban of 67 pornographic websites in India by the government. It’s not about the money and pleasure involved, it is about the content that they are spreading, says Francis.

Aunty in Hindi means a lady who is around 10 or more years elder to you. In fact, Indian youth search for Indian aunty, Tamil Aunty, Maza, Desi aunty, Aunty videos etc on Google. At least that is what the trends suggest.

67 pornographic sites banned in India – does not include Aunty Maza

In response to court decisions and because they disobeyed the new IT regulations that were published in 2021, the government has forced internet service providers to shut 67 pornographic websites in India.

People have also gone to search Aunty bathroom, village aunty, Telugu aunty etc as these keywords trend on Google.

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has requested that internet service providers block 4 websites based on an order from the Uttarakhand High Court and 63 websites based on an order from a Pune court in an email to internet service providers (MeitY).

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