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Artist Vaishali Chhabra says AP Dhillon’s voice is devine | Watch Video

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Rising Indian Multicolor Artist Vaishali Chhabra resides in Noida with her parents. She received The Eagle Eye Network Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Indian art. Since she was nine years old, she has excelled in numerous art competitions.

Yesterday, she shared a Reel on Instagram. She dedicated it to the superstar singer AP Dhillon. “Dhillon’s Voice has the touch. It’s devine. I am his big fan. Would love to meet him some day. His latest song rules my heart!”

Watch the video here :

She declares, “Art is my passion, and I work hard at it.” Additionally, she disclosed that she had been chosen for The Queen Awards.

Thanks to debut director and producer Mohammad Salil Khan, artist and Bcom graduate Vaishali Chhabra has just started acting.

Although she doesn’t study well, she is a prodigy at multicoloured art. Her friends think she will soon become legendary.

According to Vaishali, beauty is in the sight of the beholder, whereas hotness is in the eyes. She is as hot as her artwork. She has been highlighted by prominent Indian media outlets including Hindustan MetroWeb Story India, Punjab Metro, Yolo Daily, Sarhad Kesari, etc. She aspires to succeed in life.

She represents the contemporary Indian woman. who their parents ought to be eternally proud of.

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