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Akash Gupta expresses his gratitude towards sisters on the day of Rakshabandhan

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Akash Gupta loves his sisters and tells the youth that sisters are the other mothers in our lives who will always be there for us no matter what happens in life.
I’m glad to have amazing sisters by my side,i love each one of them and i express my sincere gratitude towards them. 💙
Thank you sisters for making me who I am today!

Here are the glimpses of Akash Gupta captured with his sisters

There is a poem Akash Gupta likes a lot and has same views for his sisters – Priya,Nisha,Puja, Richa and Anjali & all other sisters

बहन पर कविता – डॉ स्वाति गुप्ता

मासूम सा चेहरा , इंसानियत की मूरत है।
भोली और प्यारी सी, बहुत ही खूबसूरत है।।

तन उसका कोमल,और मन उसका सुन्दर है।
आँखों में प्यार झलकता है, दिल में उसके रब बसता है।।

कोई और नहीं वो प्यारी सी, मेरी छोटी बहना है।
खुशियों का वो सागर है, प्यार का वो दरिया है।।

छोटा हो या बड़ा हो कोई,हर इंसान के लिए।
उसके दिल में प्यार ही प्यार बरसता है।।

उसका हर शब्द दुआ बनकर निकलता ।
कोई और नहीं वो प्यारी सी,मेरी छोटी बहना है।।

वो प्यारा सा फूल है घर-फुलवारी का।
महकता उससे घर का आँगन है।।

चेहरा उसका जब मैं देखूं,मन प्रफुल्लित हो जाता है।
खुदा से वरदान के रूप में मिला मुझे अनमोल तोहफा है।।

कोई और नहीं वो प्यारी सी, मेरी छोटी बहना है।
कोई और नहीं वो प्यारी सी मेरी छोटी बहना है।।

About Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta,a native of West Bengal Kharagpur, has  graduated from Jain University Bangalore with a B.tech degree and currently attends AIMIT Bangalore pursuing an MBA degree.

As a passionate entrepreneur, he believes that entrepreneurship can change the world

Although he was born into a middle-class family, he never forgot to dream and strive to achieve his goals. As a writer, he didn’t get many opportunities at the beginning of his career. Akash decided to provide people with a platform with reasonable prices and more benefits since the market cost was high and is still high today, so he started a firm for artists and launched Fireboxx on September 15 2019, which has helped over 1000 people till date. On 12th April 2022, Fireboxx Entrepreneurs pvt ltd was launched and its vision is to create entrepreneurs for the future of India. Among his world records are the Kalam Book of World Records and the International Book of World Records. Over 50 writings in all genres have been written by him.

 In his opinion, today’s era is for entrepreneurs and startups, where every day new unicorns are created, and many startups fail due to a lack of knowledge, marketing, financial conditions, etc. Therefore, an entrepreneur should always conduct research before launching the company..” 

His gratitude goes out to the Fireboxx team and his supporters for helping him succeed.

Take small actions, and one day you will achieve your dreams”- Akash Gupta (founder and CEO of Fireboxx Entrepreneur Pvt. Ltd.).

His instagram id is @iamkush1028 

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