60 poems in ‘The Nirvanic Heart’ by Dr. Aswin Shaji let you explore your path in life

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The Nirvanic Heart by Dr. Aswin Shaji is a must read book. Here is a short introduction of the book:

A human life, what is it worth? What does it mean to live, to grow, to forge relations?
What is it that sets us apart from animals? What is it that makes us strive forward?
Nirvana; a dreamed realm of possibility, one void of discord and in peaceful harmony.
Nirvana; A Utopian beauty, filled with harmony and void of the fetters of mankind’s self-destructive tendencies.
What is the value of human life? What does it mean to emote? What does it mean to live, to grow, to forge relations?
Life is but a journey for the willing. Nirvana is but a journey for the destined who forge their path in seek of their own spiritual abode.

Explore your path in life through 60 poems by Dr. Aswin Shaji in the book “The Nirvanic Heart” and let free your desires and soar through the human experience.

About Dr. Aswin Shaji

Author of The Nirvanic Heart : Dr. Aswin Shaji

Dr.Aswin Shaji is a MBBS doctor from Kollam, Kerala, following his passion for both the healing arts and the literary arts. He did his schooling in IISJ Saudi Arabia and MBBS at Amrita institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.
He is the Author of ‘The Nirvanic Heart’ and is the Co-Author in 18 books. His patience to listen to one’s stories and his keen view of life is what inspires him to blot his ink on paper. His love for poetry arises from the reflected shades of life and the sublimation of nature with the soul.
Instagram @thenirvanicheart.

Awards Won:

• 21st Century Emily Dickinson award 2022
• 1st Prize script writing competition for World suicide prevention day Amrita Hospital 2021
• Writer’s Desire award 2022
• Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani award 2022
• Achiever of the year 2022- Best Poet and Author of the year 2022
• Spectrum InqQuill Holders award 2022
• Dramatism Award- Best Poet and Author of the year 2022
• Sylvia Plath Memorial Literary Prize 2022
• NAPOWRIMO’ x EBA 2022 National Competition TOP 10

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